2020 Games

Alabama Senior Olympics 2020 Games

We are currently meeting with our individual Sport's Coordinators to confirm locations and dates for the 2020 Games. As locations and dates are confirmed, we will post them on the website. Most events will be held in or around April, 2020.

The 2021 National Senior Games will be held in Ft Lauderdale, FL. The Alabama Senior Olympics is a qualifier for the 2021 National Senior Games.



SPORT                  LOCATION                      DATE

Archery                  Hoover                             TBA

Badminton             Trussville                         TBA

Basketball              Trussville                         TBA

Bowling                  TBA                                 TBA

Cycling                   TBA                                 TBA

Golf                        TBA                                 TBA

Horseshoes           Trussville                           TBA

Pickleball                Opelika                             TBA

Powerwalk              TBA                                  TBA

Race Walk              TBA                                  TBA

Racquetball            TBA                                   TBA

Road Race             TBA                                   TBA

Shuffleboard           TBA                                   TBA

Softball                   TBA                                   TBA

Swimming               TBA                                  TBA

Table Tennis           Bumper Nets/Hoover       TBA

Tennis                     PARA/Tuscaloosa            TBA

Track & Field          TBA                                   TBA

Triathlon                 TBA                                   TBA

Volleyball                Huntsville                          TBA